Coming soon

Coming soon in Workflower 1.1

We've been working hard on new features for Workflower 1.1. There is no date set yet but expect it to be released around the beginning of November. So, what will be included in the new release?
    Huge speed improvement for Refresh Layout. It will be around 4 times faster! This is especially useful when working on larger comps.
    Ability to adjust the group opacity.
    Ability to apply effects and masks to the group header itself. (This is in addition to how you do it right now, which is to apply effects to a Group Linked Adjustment Layer and to apply masks to a Group Matte Layer.)
    Ability to exempt the name of specific layers from being altered in Indented Layout. Very useful when working with scripts/plugins that depend on specific layer names.
    Automatic trimming of the in and out point of the group header to its contained layers, as well as automatic trimming of group adjustment layers and group mattes to their group header and of track mattes to their matted layer.
    Matte Merge layers that only contain Group Matte effects will now be shy'd so that the group stays tidy. (You can also deactivate this behavior.)
    New function: Expand / Collapse All Sub-Groups.
    ... as well as a bunch of other little features and fixes.
If you are an existing customer and you want to try out the newest beta, just send us a support ticket and we'll make it happen.

What's next?

In the future, we also want to work on these features:
    Option to use Workflower's Main Menu as a dockable panel.
    Better compatibility with other scripts and plugins.
    Better performance for the execution speed of various functions, as well as for when working inside AE with the layers that Workflower created.
    More integration of Refresh Connections functionality into Refresh Layout. (Like removing a group matte or group effects from a layer after it has been released from the group.)
If you have other ideas for new features, just send us an inspiration submission via a support ticket!
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