Relabel Layer/s

Relabels layers, groups and keyframes (Win: Ctrl+Shift+Space, Mac: Option+Space).

Relabeling Groups, Layers & Keyframes

Unfortunately, labeling layers using AE's label dropdown is non-visual and a bit time-consuming. When executing Relabel Layer/s, however, a panel comes up with all label colors that you can see visually. Click on the desired color to apply it (or, since version 2.0, you can also use of one the label ID shortcuts (1-9, A-G) to apply a label). When a group layer, or the group header, is selected and a label color is applied, the whole group gets relabeled. When the setting Label Layers Outside Groups to 'None' is deactivated, you can relabel non-group layers too.

As of version 2.0, when you have keyframes selected, Relabel Layer/s will relabel the keyframe label color instead of the layer. (Only available if using AE 22.6 and upwards.) When Ctrl+Alt+clicking (Win) / Cmd+Option+clicking (Mac) on a color while keyframes are selected, all keyframes with the same label group within the comp will be relabeled to the new label color.

You can close the relabel panel by either clicking on empty space on the panel itself or by hitting Escape.

On some machines, an error might occur when trying to open the relabel panel. Go to Known Bugs for more information.

Change Label Colors

To change a label color, you can Shift+Click on a color. This will open AE's color picker. After choosing a color, you will return to the relabel panel. If you want to apply the color directly after choosing it, Ctrl+Click or Cmd+Click on it.

Be aware that changing a label color will affect all layers associated with the respective labeI ID and not just the previously selected layers.

An English name for the new label color will be saved automatically, based on the color picked. If you want to have control over the new color name, go to Settings / Miscellaneous and enable When changing a Label Color, ask for new Color Name.

If you Alt+Click or Option+Click on a label color, AE's label preferences will be opened.

Change Labeling Layers Outside Groups to 'None' in Active Comp

On the relabel panel, you can quickly change the setting Label Layers Outside Groups to 'None' in Active Comp. This is useful when you open up another comp and want to set a specific setting for it. For comps with a lot of groups, it is recommended to label layers outside groups to 'None' whereas comps primarily with layers and not groups, you might not want to label layers outside groups to 'None' since you otherwise couldn't tell those layers apart.

Relabel Panel Shortcuts

FunctionShortcut (Win)Shortcut (Mac)

Change Label Color

Shift+Click on Color

Shift+Click on Color

Change and Apply Label Color

Ctrl+Click on Color

Cmd+Click on Color

Open AE Label Color Preferences

Alt+Click on Color

Option+Click on Color

Relabel entire Keyframe Label Group in Comp (added in v2.0)

Ctrl+Alt+Click on Color

Cmd+Option+Click on Color

Apply Label Color by Shortcut (added in v2.0)

0 - 9, A - G

0 - 9, A - G

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