Create and Duplicate Groups

Create Group

Creates a group (Win: Shift+F1; Mac: macControl+1).
Select the desired layers and then hit Create Group. If the layers are spread out across the comp, they will be moved beneath each other.

Additional Layers to Keep in Mind

In order for Workflower to know what's inside the group, two shy'd layers will be created to define the start and end of the group: a top and bottom layer. These layers also create visual lines above and below the layers in the timeline (which shy'd layers always create) and thereby make it easier for the user to see the group's boundaries.
Left: A Group with visual Lines above and below; Right: A Group with Top and Bottom Layer revealed
Be aware that, if you want to move the group in the timeline, the shy'd top and bottom layer must be moved as well. Otherwise, if all layers would be moved without top and bottom, the group would simply be emptied and the layers would become 'group-less' after executing Refresh Layout. That's why you always must use Select Group in order to select the entire group if you want to move it. If you want to delete a group, use Delete Layer / Clone / Group.

Groups in 3D Space

A group, by default, will break AE's 3D space. If you have layers in different groups that are supposed to intersect, you need to do two steps:
  1. 1.
    Turn the group header/s into a 3D layer.
  2. 2.
    Go to Settings / Miscellaneous and turn off Show Warning: Group Header removed from Content. By default, the shy'd layer above the group header is turned on, so it can display the said error message. However, since the layer is enabled (but typically set to 0% opacity), it will break AE's 3D space. By deactivating this setting (and thereby the layer), we can retain the 3D space. Just be aware that you won't get an error message anymore when moving group layers illegally.

Duplicate Group

Duplicates a group (Win: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M, Mac: no default shortcut).
You can have any layer within the group selected to duplicate the entire group when executing this function. If parents reference layers within the group, they will be set to their corresponding duplicated layers.
Simply selecting all group layers and then using AE's Duplicate won't work, since the additional, shy'd layers, that are needed for the group to function, won't be duplicated.
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