Storing Layers

Store Layers

Stores the selected layers as a form of an extended clipboard (Win: [1] Ctrl+Shift+6, [2] Ctrl+Shift+7, [3] Ctrl+Shift+8; Mac: [1] Shift+macControl+6).
Multiple Store Comps in Store Folder
Sometimes, you're using the same layer/s over and over again in a project. When you're compositing a shot, you want to paste the base footage very frequently to do all kinds of manipulations to it. Or you need to use a set of assets multiple times. That's what Store Layers is supposed to be useful for. Just select the desired layer/s and hit Store Layers. The next time, you need the layer/s again, hit Paste Stored Layers, preferably by the shortcut to be as quick as possible.

How Store Layers works

When executing Store Layers, the selected layers will be copied to a new comp (a Store Comp). Because of the way Store Layers works, stored layers are available on a project basis. When you're opening a new project, the layers from the old project aren't stored anymore and therefore can't be pasted. When you're coming back to the project, though, the layers can be pasted again.
You cannot move a Store Comp out of the Store Folder in the project panel. If you do, pasting stored layers doesn't work anymore.

Storing multiple Sets of Layers

There are up to four Store Comps available, so you can define four different sets of layers you want to store. (Store Layers 2, Store Layers 3, and Store Layers 4 are only available via shortcut.) When you store new layers to an already existing Store Comp, the old layers will be replaced by the new ones.

Paste Stored Layers

Pastes the previously stored layers (Win: [1] Ctrl+Alt+6, [2] Ctrl+Alt+7, [3] Ctrl+Alt+8; Mac: [1] macControl+6).
When you execute Paste Stored Layers, the layers, stored using Store Layers, will be copied back into the current comp, above the topmost selected layer (or, when no layer is selected, to the top of the comp).
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