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1. Overview

If you want to go straight into learning more in-depth about Workflower, you can also skip this tutorial, as everything will be taught from scratch in the other tutorials. However, if you still want to get a basic overview of the functions and/or just a very quick start on how to use Workflower, this tutorial is for you.

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Overview of Group Functions

Overview of Cloning Functions

Overview of Matting Functions

Overview of Adjustment Layer Functions

2. Installation & Using the ScriptUI Panel

For the release of version 2.0, the section Installing the Script has been updated, as well as the section Additional Info on the ScriptUI Panel has been added.

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Installing the Script

Installing Shortcuts

Additional Shortcut Instructions for Mac Users (& some Windows Users)

Single Script vs. Individual Scripts Mode (for Windows Users only)

Additional Info on the ScriptUI Panel

3. Groups, Renaming & Relabeling

As of version 2.0, due to AE now occupying Shift+J & Shift+K, the default shortcut for Parent Layers to Group has been changed to Ctrl+Alt+3 & for Set Parent Exception Layer to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+3.

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Create Groups

Refresh Layout

Relabel Groups

Expand and Collapse Groups

Select and Move Groups

Rename Layers

Enable and Disable Groups

Solo Groups

Lock Groups

Ungroup Layers

Dissolve Groups

Delete Groups

Parent Group Layers

Set Parent Exception Layers

Duplicate Groups

Non-Indented Layout

Expression Mode

Unavailable After Effects Functions

Additional Relabeling Functions

Additional Renaming Functions

4. Precomp Clones & Clones in Comp

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Introduction to Clone & Precomp

Refresh Connections

Add and Remove Clone Layers

Custom Clone Layers States

Duplicate Precomp Clones

Delete Precomp Clones

Group Clones

Create a Lightwrap using Precomp Clones

Refresh All Connections

Link and Unlink Properties

Custom Clone Layer Order

Duplicate Comps with Precomp Clones

Introduction to Prime Clones

Create a Bump Map using Prime Clones

Stack Prime Clones

Reveal Opacity of Prime Clone Layers

Show and Hide Prime Clone Layers

Solo Prime Clone Layers

Enable Precomp Transforms

Custom Precomp Size

Clone in Comp (to use with 2.5D Layers)

Clone in Comp (to use as a Matte)

Quick Refresh Connections

Quick Refresh Clone Connections within Refresh Layout

3D Precomp Clones (Beta)

5. Creating & Merging Mattes

Please note that Workflower's matting tools (creating mattes, group mattes & multi-layer mattes, as well as merging mattes) work a bit differently in AE 23 and upwards. So if you're using AE 23 or upwards, make sure, in addition to this tutorial, to watch the section about matting in the tutorial on Workflower v2.0.

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Create Mattes

Multi-Layer Mattes

Group Mattes

Group Matte with External Layers

Introduction to Merge Mattes

Adding new Mattes to a Matte Merge

Matte Collection Groups

Update Matte Merge Effect Names

6. Adjustment Layers & Storing Layers

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Introduction to Linked Adjustment Layers

Add and Remove Linked Layers

Convert Properties to Comp Size

Multiple Linked Adjustment Layers

Other Effects on Linked Layers

Link and Unlink Properties

Delete Linked Adjustment Layers

Group Linked Adjustment Layers

Create Matted Adjustment Layers

Store and Paste Stored Layers

7. New Features in Version 1.1: Precompose, Additional Group Functions & More

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Group Opacity

Refresh Layout Speed Improvements

Effects to Group Header

Mattes to Group Header

Refresh Connections within Refresh Layout

Automatic Trimming

Shy Group Matte Layers

Introduction to Precompose

Convert Groups to Precomps

Convert Precomps to Groups

Convert all Comps to another Layout

Expand and Collapse all Sub-Groups

New Select Group Behavior

Clones in Comp from Text and Shape Layers

Exempt Layer Names from Alteration


KBar Support

Advanced Duplication

Group Header at average Position

Other Features & Outro

8. New Features in Version 2: ScriptUI Panel, Matting in AE 23, Layer Tagging & More

Please note that the sections How to Install as well as ScriptUI Panel are almost identical to the sections in the Installation tutorial which was updated with the release of version 2.0.



How to Install

ScriptUI Panel


Double-Click Behavior

Easier Ways to learn Workflower

Updated & Faster Matting Tools


New Matte Merge Layer Behavior


Create Mattes from 'Set Matte' Effect


Introduction to Layer Tagging

Perform Actions on Tagged Layers

Quickly Activate & Deactivate Tag Groups

Tag other Layers & Groups

Add Layers to Tag Group

Re-Assign, Rename & Remove Tag Groups

Use Multiple Tags per Layer

Untag Layers

Use Tags to work with Multi-Pass Layers

Jump to Tags in the Timeline

Relabel Keyframes

Additional Precompose Functions

Other Features & Outro

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