Main Menu

Workflower's main menu offers access to all functions of the script (Win: Ctrl+Alt+X, Mac: macControl+X).
Workflower's Main Menu
Hold down Shift, Ctrl/Cmd, or Alt/Option to execute additional functions. New icons will be revealed for the additional functions.
(Fixed in version 1.0.6 ->) On Mac, though, this feature isn't implemented yet. On this OS, please refer to the tooltip that pops up when hovering over the button in order to know which modifier key to press.
Click anywhere in the menu but the buttons or hit Escape to close it. (Closing it by clicking outside of the menu unfortunately won't work.)
The main menu is NOT available like most scripts as a ScriptUI panel and only comes up by hitting the dedicated shortcut.
If you encounter performance issues with the main menu (or another panel) coming up, this might be due to calculating the current mouse position. If this is bothering you, go to Settings / Miscellaneous / Position of Borderless Dialogs and set it to At Last Position or Always Centered to disable calculating the mouse position.