Miscellaneous Layer Functions

Delete Layer / Clone / Group

Deletes regular layers, Precomp Clones, and groups (Win: Shift+FwdDel, Mac: Shift+Delete).
Select either a regular layer, a Precomp Clone layer, or a group header and then execute Delete Layer / Clone / Group.

Deleting Regular Layers

If you delete a regular layer that is contained in a Precomp Clone, it will remove the layer from the Precomp Clone as well. If you delete a track matte layer, it will remove the track matte state from the layer below. Otherwise, it is identical to AE's Delete when deleting regular layers.

Deleting Precomp Clones

If you delete a Precomp Clone, the function will also delete the clone comp item from the project window. If you would delete the Precomp Clone using AE's Delete, only the layer within the comp, not the clone comp itself would be deleted. Because of that, expression errors will appear since the expressions on the clone layers cannot reference the Precomp Clone anymore. That's why it is always advised to use Delete Layer / Clone / Group when deleting a Precomp Clone.
In case, unused clone comps already exist and expression errors accumulate, open up the settings, go to the Cloning tab and click Delete Unused Precomp Clones.

Deleting Groups

Just deleting all group layers individually still would leave the additional, shy'd layers from the group, so always use Delete Layer / Clone / Group to delete a group, or alternatively use Select Group and then use AE's Delete.

Reveal Layer Opacity

Reveals the opacity of the selected layers (Win: Alt+F1, Mac: macControl+3).
Prime Clone Layers with revealed Opacity Slider
On Prime Clone layers, Clones in Comp, Matte Merge source layers, Group Matte layers, and Linked Adjustment Layers, AE's opacity slider is not usable anymore and is replaced by an opacity slider on a dedicated effect on the layer. Because of this, though, it's not possible anymore to hit T to reveal the layer's opacity in the timeline. (It will only reveal the unusable slider.) Reveal Layer Opacity will, on the other hand, reveal the correct opacity slider of these layers. On other layers, it will reveal the regular opacity slider. (Be aware, though, that Reveal Layer Opacity will take a bit longer to reveal the slider.)
If you execute Reveal Layer Opacity, all other open properties of the layer in the timeline will disappear and only the opacity will be revealed. If you select properties before executing the function, these selected properties will stay open.
If no layer is selected, opacity sliders of all layers in comp will be revealed.
This function is not available in the main menu and can only be executed from a shortcut.
Last modified 4mo ago