Miscellaneous Layer Functions

Reveal Layer Opacity

Reveals the opacity of the selected layers (Win: Alt+F1, Mac: macControl+3).

On Prime Clone layers, Clones in Comp, Matte Merge source layers, Group Matte layers, Linked Adjustment Layers, layers within a group with Group Opacity enabled, as well as group headers with Group Opacity enabled, AE's opacity slider is not usable anymore and is replaced by an opacity slider on a dedicated effect on the layer.

Because of this, though, it's not possible anymore to hit T to reveal the layer's opacity in the timeline. (It will only reveal the unusable slider.) Reveal Layer Opacity will, on the other hand, reveal the correct opacity slider of these layers.

On other layers, it will reveal the regular opacity slider. (Be aware, though, that Reveal Layer Opacity will take a bit longer to reveal the slider.)

If you execute Reveal Layer Opacity, all other open properties of the layer in the timeline will disappear and only the opacity will be revealed. If you select properties before executing the function, these selected properties will stay open.

If no layer is selected, opacity sliders of all layers in comp will be revealed.

As of version 2.0, when you execute Reveal Layer Opacity while having properties (instead of a whole layer) selected, all contained opacity properties will be revealed too (e.g. Clone Stroke Opacity properties when having the Paint effect selected, or Effect Opacity property on every effect).

This function is not available in the main menu and can only be executed via the shortcut.

Trim Layer to Keyframes

(Added in version 2.0)

Trims the selected layers to their first and last keyframe, respectively (no default shortcut; Win: Ctrl+Click on the Paste Stored Layers Button; Mac: Cmd+Click on the Paste Stored Layers Button).

If you have properties on the selected, the function will only trim to the keyframes of the selected properties.

If you have a layer opacity property selected (and no other property), the function will only trim the in point if the first keyframe has a value of 0% or the out point if the last keyframe has a value of 0%.

This function is only available in the main menu and cannot be executed via a shortcut.

Trim Layer to Layer

(Added in version 2.0)

Trims the selected layers to each other (no default shortcut; Win: Alt+Click on the Paste Stored Layers Button; Mac: Option+Click on the Paste Stored Layers Button).

When two layers are selected, it trims the second layer to the first selected layer.

When more than two layers are selected, it offers two options:

  1. Trim layers to the first selected layer

  2. Trim the first selected layer to the in and out points of all other layers combined

This function is only available in the main menu and cannot be executed via a shortcut

Rig Multi-Pass Layers from Precomp [Experimental]

(Added in version 2.0)

When executing Precompose while having a precomp layer selected, you can choose to rig multi-pass layers (still experimental!).

The function grabs all layers within the selected precomp and creates multi-pass layers from them in your current comp. They will be set up using Essential Properties.

Work within the created Work precomp and all passes in your current comp will be affected by the changes you make within the Work Precomp.

If the layers in your original precomp had an EXtractoR effect on them, all properties (Black Point, White Point, UnMult) will be transferred to your current comp via Essential Properties.

Attention: At the moment, it's not possible to add new passes to the rig afterwards.

Delete Layer / Clone

To delete a regular layer or a Precomp Clone (and its clone comp), select those and execute Delete Layer / Clone / Group.

Duplicate Layer / Clone

(Added in version 1.1)

To duplicate regular layers (with additional functionality compared to AE's Duplicate) or Precomp Clones (to either make them dependent or to create unique clones), select a regular layer or Precomp Clone and execute Duplicate Layer / Clone / Group.

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